Embrace the power of 3D motion capture!

MYCAP Studio 2012 Professional is a complete software solution for all your 3D motion capture needs. Whether you're a professional 3D animator, researcher, engineer or just a hobbyist, MYCAP Studio 2012 Professional provides you with essential tools for realizing your motion capture project.

  • You don't need any previous experience with motion capture to get started.
  • No special hardware required - just two cameras (PS Eye/webcam/DV/HDV/DSLR) and a PC.
  • Capture true 3D motion in stereo.
  • Use advanced motion filtering and global motion stabilization.
  • Most popular 3D data formats are supported (BVH, FBX, MA, LWS, ASC and CSV).
  • Produce clean, professional-quality data in minutes!

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