Welcome to the downloads section. Here you'll find everything needed to start using MYCAP Studio 2012.

MYCAP Studio 2012 downloads

*Includes stereo video capture applications for webcams and Playstation 3 Eye. (Requires the CL-Eye Platform Driver as well as the CL-Eye Platform SDK, which can be downloaded here:

Sample motion capture data files

Data files are zipped for easy download and include multiple formats as well as a marker layout image. All data has been generated exclusively using MYCAP Studio 2012 Professional, the above stereo video capture application and two Logitech Pro 9000 webcams at 640x480 25fps.

Useful Links

MeshLab: open source 3d mesh processing and editing software.

Autodesk FBX Converter: free FBX conversion tool by Autodesk.

Looking for 3D models to kick start your projects? Head on over to the Turbosquid 3D Marketplace:

Turbosquid market